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The innovative family of luminaires «hwl» consists of unprecedented lights intended for indoor use, made of anodised aluminum. The title is the abbreviation for „hatching with light“ which refers to the shadows, cast on surrounding walls and objects, which resemble filigree hatch patterns. Each lampshade consists of ten polygonal plates which are fixed by 20 connectors creating the spatial structure of a dodecahedron. All the joints are realised by sticking the parts together. The modular construction allows the generation of most different shapes. The patterns in the individual plates result from a pragmatic approach in which the outside contours are transferred in a parallel way towards the inside in order to generate milling paths for the breakthroughs. These breakthroughs which make approximately 50 % of the surface produce an essentially glare-free light because of the fact that a large part of the light is scattered through the openings. At a slight variation of the perspective, hundreds of little light reflexes start moving and - by superpositions of the breakthroughs - exciting Moiré effects emerge. The luminaires are delivered fully assembled. They are available in three different sizes which makes them suitable for a large variety of lighting tasks. All single components are self-fabricated in the designer´s own studio or produced in cooperation with regional suppliers.


The full range of «hwl» pendant lights is now available, table as well as floor lamps are available soon.

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«zollinger» is a residential light out of aluminium. Godfather for this design was the Zollinger wooden construction almost having fallen in oblivion. It enables a material-efficient construction of self-supporting structure. Adapting this design of one-way curved surfaces it was transferred to double curved surfaces and further developed. Due to the inclined position of the simple aluminium elements a main part of the light is indirectly emitted.
The lampshade reminiscent of crystals captivates by its design that becomes clear only upon second glance.

Diameter 55 cm, height 45 cm