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After an apprenticeship as watchmaker I studied product design at the University of Art and Design Kassel, Germany. During my studies I mainly focused on the design of chairs with an emphasis on production technology and CAD-construction. After my studies I worked as a research assistant in a research project on bionic optimized timber construction at the University of Applied Sciences Saarbruecken.

In 2013 I acquired a CNC milling machine and since then, I´m realising my own designs.


My work was already shown in a number of fairs and exhibitions:

2007 Milano furniture fair, „Das fremde Zimmer“

2007 Tendence Lifestyle, Frankfurt, „microarchitecture lounge“

2009 International Furniture Fair Cologne

2009 DMY, Berlin

2009 „Examen“, Kassel

2010 Werkschau der Kunsthochschule Kassel im Hessischen Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Wiesbaden

2011 Ventura Lambrate Milano, „kasselcollection“

2012 „RES PUBLICA / RES PRIVATA“ , Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V., Berlin

2013 Ventura Lambrate Milano, „kasselcollection“

2014 Werkraum Bregenz, „Woodloop im Werkraum“

2014 „Blickfang“ Zürich

2015 International Furniture Fair Cologne


My work was already published in a number of blogs, magazines and books, amongst others in

GLASNER, BARBARA / OTT, STEPHAN (2012): Wonder Wood, A Favorite Material for Design, Architecture and Art. Berlin, Basel

NACHTIGALL, WERNER / POHL, GÖRAN (2013): Baubionik. Natur – Analogien – Technik. Berlin